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Wella Professionals Success in the highly competitive, constantly evolving hairdressing industry demands the continual pursuit of precedent- setting, category-defining innovations. That’s why Wella Professionals Education is dedicated to providing the most business-relevant superior education the industry can offer Every year we train more than 1.5 million stylists globally through 85,000 educational programs. In 2010, we introduced the first true Global Education Color Program, which harnesses our worldwide network of talent and expertise. Our overwhelming desire is to support and work with you every step of the way throughout your career, to continually elevate you and your business to the highest levels of excellence.

Professional Sebastian The source of creativity, we believe that our individualities are far too colorful to lock into one look. That is why we never stand still but always think ahead., feel forward, look further,. Stir up the norm and rise above conforming for unlimited re-invention in hair and styling, or un-invention, as we like to call it.

Nioxin An advanced skincare approach to hair. Nioxin finds inspiration in skincare and uses this approach to treat the concerns of clients with thin-looking hair. As an extension of our facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and care.

At Nioxin ,we believe that scalp health creates hair health. Our range of products supply skincare science to strengthen, nourish and treat hair from its foundation, delivering healthier hair with thicker and denser appearance.
Inspired by skincare regimens, Nioxin has a 3 part approach to cleanse, optimize and treat the hair and scalp.

Clairol Professionals 80 years of haircolor innovation and commitment to stylist education. We are dedicated to professional stylists and their creative work. We believe that providing reliable, trusted products and superior education builds professional confidence, inspires artistry, and enables stylists to excel in their chosen careers and salons to grow and thrive. For over 80 years, Clairol Professional has followed this guiding philosophy to build the salon haircolor business nationwide.